domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016


Last November 10th in Badalona; in the business center of Grup Lladó: "Espai 114", we presented the conference "How to increase wages without increasing euros".

We were accompanied by a large group of businessmen/women  from Badalona representing from small businesses to large multinationals because to motivate people and establish sustainable retributive policies, is not prerogative of any kind of business but the need and obligation of all .
There is no secret: First of all we need to have hygienic wages, on which we can build our retributive policy.
To achieve this hygiene, it is imperative to ensure internal and external equity.

From this point we are able to establish strategic incentive systems that will allow us to align everyone in the target.
I speak about target in singular because when we want to answer the question "what’s it all about?", regarding our company, the answer cannot be:  "everything". We need to define one main and true strategic objective that we know is the most important for the next exercise or period.
To talk about "everything" we already have the budget. Revenue, costs, expenses, volumes, margins.
The strategic objective is one that will take us where we want to be in five or three years. And we need to assure that all our team is rowing to there.
When the objective is clear and the wages policy adequat, the way to gain the sustainability is The Total Compensation: Management and leadership, communication, work and life balance, formation, clarity of rules and roles, values, organization etc.


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